Monday, May 30, 2011

Always Kiss Me Goodnight Sign

Remember This?

My cute little sign I made for over my bed had gotten stolen during our move. My father loved this so much. He asked several times if he could have it. I kept telling him no, that I wanted it. One day it came up missing and I found it hiding with him. 

We are slowly changing the colors in our room from a chocolate and cream color to black, white and green. That sign wouldn't match in the new room so I let him keep it and decided to make a new one.

Here's the new one that I hate to say I like way better then the first one!

(Before the vinyl)

I used the same "A", vinyl, and scroll as the last sign but instead of spray gluing pretty paper on the board I printed out a stencil and painted on a pretty design!!



Friday, May 27, 2011

Pizzeria Fun!

 *I have officially decided that am now a LOVE GURU!!!
Inspiring sweet love & romance on a budget *

Recently my husband and I decided that we needed to have more nights out, just the two of us. So every two weeks we would switch off and plan a wonderful night of fun for each other.

This week was my turn. I decided it would be just as fun and a lot cheaper to have a in home date night.

Itzza Pizza Date Night Yay!!!

The Invite
After I was done setting up the table I tied this note to my cute little puppy (or messenger boy) and sent him up stairs to where my husband was. Cute, simple, and different way to let him know date night was on.

Other ways to give your spouse an invite:
Slip it in their lunch box before they go to work
Leave it in a place you know they will find it. (On the T.V. remote, by the computer, on their pillow...etc)
Or you can just hand it to them

Our ssssoooo yummy home made pizza (before it got cooked)

Make your own pizza together, and have fun doing it. Feed each other, play some music and do a little dancing while it cooks. Just because it's pizza doesn't mean it can't get a little hot and saucy in the kitchen.

Our Table

To make date night at home feel a little bit more special, decorate the table. I wanted an old pizzeria feel to ours, so I got a table cloth, some old coke-cola glasses w/straws and I made a cute little sign to make it feel like we were at our own little pizzeria.


While we ate we watched a movie. Because my husband and I are huge dorks we watched The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Not only is it an awesome classic, we couldn't think of a better movie to watch while eating pizza. Ninja Turtles & pizza....Duh!!! 

Here are some other movies you can pick that have some memorable pizza scenes:
Wayne’s World
Fast Times at Ridgemont High  (“Who ordered the double cheese and sausage?” )
Toy Story

Hopefully for your next date night you are inspired to make your own Pizzeria!!! While it might seem a little childish my hubby and I had sooo much fun and know you will too!!

"Wise men say, forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza dude!" - Michelangelo

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Over the weekend we had a B.Y.O.M. (bring your own meat) BBQ party to celebrate our new home and to welcome in summer. 

A week before the BBQ my mother and I made some invitation to hand out. At first we were just going to do a plain old card style invite with a picture of the sun and maybe some food. As we started to make them I came up with a brilliant idea to just make a huge (and I mean huge) steak and just print out the invite and glue it to the back, so that's what we did.

They turned out super cute, different, and so clever plus everyone loved them! 

As a desert for the party I decided to make hamburger cake pops.

Yummy little cake pops that have layers of different colored chocolate.
These didn't turn out perfect like I had hoped. For some reason I struggle when trying to dip things in chocolate but they still were yummy (that stand was full of cake pops at the beginning of the BBQ) and everyone totally got that they were hamburgers. Job well done!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Romantic Rubik's Cube

So in less then a week is mine and my husband's 3rd year anniversary!! Yay!! I'm so excited to celebrate, and to take a day trip out to where we got married. That day had to be the most happiest time in our lives!!!
For a gift for my wonderful husband I made him a Romantic Rubik's Cube
What's that you ask?
Well, what that is!!!!

It's an Rubik's Cube with some of our favorite wedding pictures mod modge to it. 

I'm completly in love with this thing and I'm sure my hubbs will be too!!

Bathroom Door Make Over

I was walking around Micheal's looking for something fun to make when I found these wooden men and woman bathroom figures. With out thinking twice I grabbed both and put them in my basket.

After a little paint and some pretty ribbon I had a cute sign for my guest restroom.

No need to ask where the bathroom is. Just follow the sign! ; )

Way, Way Cuter!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Books For Decor

When we moved into our new place my Husband and I bought a new and way bigger entertainment center compared to our last one. With all of our entertainment stuff in their place, there was one shelve that sat empty.   

I add a few pictures, some candles, a couple of other little nik naks but didn't really like anything. The shelve needed some height...or different levels of things. At first I thought of getting a small box and just wrapping it in some pretty paper. Then I saw a picture where someone had ripped the covers off of a couple of books and took distressing ink to the pages to make their new books look old and vintage. While that's not really what I like, it did give me the brilliant idea to wrap a few books in some pretty scrap booking paper to get the different height levels I was looking for.

Heres what I came up with:  

I grabbed a couple of old books and some pretty paper that went with the over all look of my house and spray glued the paper to the book covers. I rubbed some really dark brown eye shadow on the pages to give them an older, used look. 

While the books looked good with just the paper on it, they were just a little to plain. So I gave each book their own special decor. The first one (which I covered in this really cool paper that looked like alligator skin) got just some rustic looking thumb tacks. The second got my monogram. And the third got a really cool cupboard handle that I just hot glued on.

All done and in their place. I completely love how they ended up...better then I expected to tell you the truth. Way better then just a box!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mom's Stash!

It's Mommy's Day YAY!

Here's a quick, simple, but yet awesome last minute ('cause I'm a horrible procrastinator) gift I made to give to some wonderful women in my life.

Mom's Secret Stash Candy Jars

I found these cute little jars in the kitchen area at Wal-Mart for a little over a dollar.

Then I printed out my cute little label and Mod Podge it to the lid of the jar.

Fill it with some yummy candy, and hand out.
 I filled these ones with Hersey's Hugs & Kisses, cute huh!!
Can't wait to give these to my mommy and mommy-in-laws!!


Monday, May 2, 2011

Countdown to Twenty-Twelve

When we moved into our new house there were a few things that didn't make it. Our calender was one of them. We have no idea what happened to it. It vanished into thin air. While that's not a big deal (I mean it only takes two seconds and 3 bucks to go buy a new one) my husband and I decided that we would DIY a new calender.

Here's what we came up with

We both knew that the calender had to be simple, clean, and personal. Something that we could look at every day and have a little laugh or reminisce about something. While most would think of putting a favorite picture on it, we decided to go all Sesame Street-ish and come up with a fun saying or fact for the number equivalent to each month

Some examples of our calender

It was a little harder then we first thought it would be to come up with all the little sayings but it was a great way to spend a little quality time with the Hubby and to do a little reminiscing of past years. 

We love our little addition to our kitchen, and we had such a wonderful time working together on a project that we decided that from now on DIY everything!! Fun!