Friday, July 22, 2011

Cookie Bowls

Bowls made from sugar cookies?? 

Yep! And they are super yummy filled with some ice cream ( My fave: Carmel Cheesecake but sadly the store had run out when I was shopping, so I settled for Cake Batter. But oh how I longed for that Carmelly Cheesecake!)

Even better with a touch of chocolate sauce!!

To make:

Just make your favorite sugar cookie mix, roll out then cut out circles, big enough to cover the under side of a cupcake pan. And just spray pan with some non-stick baking spray. The cookies will just wiggle off if you coat the pan well.

Would also be yummy with:
 Some fruit, like strawberries & raspberries then topped with some whip cream,
Chocolate mousse
Turn into individual pudding pies
Individual cheesecakes, etc


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tie Dye Nail Polish

Here is a super easy and fun way to paint your nails using a cup of water to get an awesome marbling effect

What you need:

Paper towel
Toothpicks or Sewing Needle
Scotch Tape
Dixie Cup or other small cup you don't mind ruining (fill with luke warm water)
Nail Polish (base color, several colors to tie dye with and a top coat if wanted)
Nail Polish Remover & Cotton Swabs

Start off by painting your nails with your base color. I used white to really help the other colors to "POP".

After that is completely dry cover your fingers on all sides of your nails with your tape.

Make sure you start with warm water not cold, or it won't work right.

In your cup of water drip a drop of nail polish, one color on top of another to create a bullseye.
I used Believe It, Do It (Pink), Respect The World (Blue), and Virtuous Violet (Purple) from Nicole by O.P.I.

Next take your toothpick and very lightly drag the colors together

Pick your favorite area of your design and place your nail flat down on the nail polish and press down into the water. Hold there while you take your toothpick and swish it around in the water and around your finger to collect any excess polish. Slowly pull out finger to see your design (FUN PART!!)

Make sure your start each nail with clean water. That doesn't mean you have to get new water for every nail. Just drag a toothpick or needle threw the water, it will collect any leftover polish. 

See why you need to tape your fingers! It can get kinda messy!

After all your nails are done & dry carefully peel off tape and use a cotton swap & nail polish remover to get any polish that might of gotten pass your tape.

 All finished!! Now I got some pretty cool and psychedelic nails to rock!! SWEET!!