Monday, January 31, 2011

Fabric Flower Rosettes

I had some magnets on a message board. Every time I walked by I couldn't help but stare at them. There wasn't anything really wrong with them but they just weren't that cute. So I decided to take some left over fabric and ribbon and make these cute little flower rosettes to cover up some not so pretty magnets.

First cut an inch or two thick piece of fabric. Twist fabric until you have like a fabric rope.

Then fold in half and twist again.
I twisted in a piece of green ribbon to add some color.
Then add a drop of hot glue in the middle of your magnet and glue down the open end of your twisty fabric rope.
Wrap the rest of it in a tight circle around the piece that is glued down and secure at end with another drop of hot glue (Hot Glue Gun: the crafter's best friend!!!) 

Here's both of them all done
I took a button and some black thread and added it thur the button to make it look like I sewed it to the magnet, but I didn't. ssshh Don't tell!! Just added another drop of hot glue to hold the button in place. Way better!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Goodwill Message Board

So I found this amazing frame at a goodwill for 5 bucks. It was perfect for a message board that I have been dying to make plus it came with hooks which my hubby likes. He has been asking me to get a key holder for weeks now. (I lose my keys all the time and my poor husband was getting sick of looking for them every time we want to go somewhere.) So we each got what we wanted with just one little purchase. YAY!

Here's the frame when I first got it. I took the hooks off, sand papered it really well, then spray painted it.

I used a flat black can of spray paint (I like flat black over shiny black, don't ask me why) Then I sanded the edges just a tiny bit to give it a distressed look.

 Now for the message board part:
First your going to cut a piece of cardboard to fit in side the frame. I then hot glued some cushion foam to that cardboard. If your foam is to big just cut that down too. After that you want to add your fabric. Just hot glue that down too.

Next stretch coordinating ribbon on a diagonal making several diamond shapes. Secure each piece on the back with some hot glue.

Sewing on the buttons was, in my opinion, the worst part of this project. Thank god I had needle nose pliers to help feed the needle though ribbon , fabric, foam, and cardboard. They made the job ssooo much easier!!!!

For this message board I wanted to do half white board. So my wonderful husband got a board that was close to the size I needed. He took it apart and cut it down to fit the frame. Thank you Hubby!!!

After I placed both halves of the board together I glued a piece of black ribbon down the middle to hide the seem.

Then screw the hooks back on and hang up.

All done. And I couldn't be any happier with it!!! And all together it only cost 25 bucks, which makes my husband happy!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Board

Ever forgot someones birthday or even anniversary? I know when I do I feel so horrible and guilty. Hopefully that won't happen any more now that I made myself a Happy Birthday board.

For the board you will need: a board, knob or hook, spray paint, vinyl and vinyl machine

For the tags you will need: ribbon, cardstock and a way to write on the names and dates. I used vinyl but you could write it on or use scrapbook stickers or whatever! The possibilities are endless!

Spray paint the board with your base color. Lately my favorite color is green, so green it was. Let it dry completely.

While the paint is drying, use your Silhouette, Cricut or create a stencil by hand. I used my Cricut and vinyl to create the text “Birthday Blessings”

Then I cut these tags out with my Cricut and hot glued green ribbon on the back to hang them with!

After board was done drying completely I lightly sanded the edges to give it a distressed look.

Then I added the ''Birthday Blessings" saying that I cut out with the Cricut. Press it down well with a bone folder, a Popsicle stick, the back of a butter knife or anything like that to make sure the vinyl sticks well.
Don’t you LOVE the birthday candle for the “I”?

Attach a knob or a hook to your board. Love my baby screwdriver!!! (Thank you hubby!!)

Then, I used the Cricut to cut more vinyl with each family member’s name and birthday.

 Then you’re done! My husband likes this and thinks it looks good just the way it is, but I say it needs something else. What? I don't know, so for now this project is To Be Continued...

Personalized Candy Dishes

I am obsessed with anything that you can put a monogram on. Vases, towels, jewelry, clothes, etc. I think it makes an object that much more special.

So over Christmas I wanted to give my friends something that was personal and something I made with Love
So I decided to make them all candy dishes with their names on them. And I think they turned out rather well if I do say so myself!

What You Need:
  • Armour Etch (Find at a Michael's Craft store. Prices for a small bottle $12 to a big one about $30
  • Any glass surface you want to etch. (Vase, Bowl, Plate, Mirror, Window, etc)
  • Contact paper (Kitchen drawer lining.)
  • Ruler (To place stencil in middle of glass. I just eye balled it.)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Paint brush
  • An exacto knife
  • A picture of what you want to etch

Step One:  Wash and dry your glass. Cut out a piece of contact paper about an inch bigger (on all sides) then your picture. Place contact paper on your glass and smooth out all air bubbles.

Step Two:  Put your picture on and tape it down on all sides. Try to get it as tight a possible on the glass.

Step Three:  With the exacto knife cut out your picture. Be careful not to cut yourself. If you are cutting out letters like "O'', ''R", "A", "P'' etc. make sure to cut out the inside first. Trust me, I learned the hard way!

Step Four:  Remove your picture and tape. Then carefully remove the contact paper to show the glass that you are etching.

Step Five:  Paint on a generous amount of Armour Etch to your stencil. Leave on for about 5 minutes. Then carefully wash off. (I did this step twice cause I really wanted the names to "POP") Then remove contact paper from entire glass area. Give one more quick wash and dry.

 Finished Product. Love It!!!

All wrapped up and ready to be handed out!!

 Here Are A Few More That I Did

A vase for my sister-in-laws first anniversary. I put the couples monogram on it. T, O, A
(I should of cleaned the glass before I took the picture. Whoops!)

This one I etched everything BUT the dollar signs. It was a little harder trying to keep all the armour etch painted on evenly and ended up doing several coats but I think it's a nice way to hold your change

My very first Armor Etch project. The "Peace And Love" vase.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Double Your Pleasure

Every morning when my wonderful husband gets ready for work, I make his lunch for him. From time to time I like to slip little love notes in it for him to find later that day. Its just to let him know I'm thinking about him and that I'm so grateful for all he does for our little family.

This little note comes with a special treat!!!

Just use a glue stick to stick the gum pack to your note. The plastic on the gum will let it be peeled off with no problems.

Card Says:
Today, you get to pick your favorite pleasure for me to double!
Just let me know what you want and it's yours....twice!

He loved it and didn't waist anytime cashing it in!

Holiday Wish

 A Holiday Wishing Bracelet

I made one for all the wonderful girls in my life and sent them with their Christmas cards as a special holiday gift from me to them.

      Things you need:
  • Beads
  • Colored Yarn
  • Card stock or blank index cards
  • Hole puncher
  • Scotch tape
  • Scissors

Take your yarn and beads and make your bracelets.
You don't need to but to many beads on it.
The bracelet is ment to fall off and nobody wants to pick up a ton of beads.

Next print out your cards

Which Say:

Make a wish as you
Tie this bracelet / anklet on.
When the bracelet wears off
Your wish shall come true!

Figure out where you need to add your holes and punch them out.
Next thread the ends of your bracelet through the holes.

On the back use your scotch tape to tape the yarn down.

All done and ready to be sent off. Yay!!

Great favor to give out any time. Any holiday, baby shower, birthday or wedding.