Monday, June 20, 2011

Decadant Peanut Butter Cookies

These Peanut butter cookies are so yummy and easy to make!!

Make your favorite peanut butter cookies. Dip both ends of a cookie in some dipping chocolate then sprinkle some roasted chopped peanuts on top.

So so so so  yummy and such an easy way to make a plain cookie way more special!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Repurposed Shirts

I recently did a spring cleaning of my closet. I went thru all of my cloths and decided to get rid of everything that not only didn't fit or were just old, but things that I felt didn't fit my age anymore. I want a more grown up, sophisticated look and the two shirts I use for these projects definitely didn't fit that, but were still kinda cute. So I made some fabric flowers and a puppy bed out of them.

The fabric flowers that turned out super cute!!

And here's how I made them

First cut out 13 to 14 circles from your fabric

Next take 1 circle and lay it flat on your table, take 2 more circles, fold each in half and secure both in the middle onto your 1st circle. (You could totally use some hot glue to secure all your fabric pieces down, but I was making this for my puppy and felt that sewing them would be an all around better idea)

Next take 2 more circles folded in half and secure them down going in the opposite direction as the firsts 

Then take 4 circles and fold each in half, then in half again, secure in middle.
Continue this step until all you circles are have been used, give flower a good fluffing and your done.

On one of the flowers I stitched a clip to the back, which makes it great to use anywhere as a cute accessory.

Place on a bag, purse, gift box...

Straight in your hair, on a headband, on a necklace....

Or as a cute, fun brooch. The possibilities are literally endless!!

This one was made with love for my cute puppy

She is about ten years old and loves to lay out side and just bask in the sunshine. She would just usually lay on the ground but with her getting older she needed something that was a little softer. So with the same shirts I made a slip for a old couch pillow and added the flower to make it a little more girlie for her.

Now she can take a comfy nap in the sun! Love Her!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Magnetic Make-Up Box

I have to admit I'm completely excited and literally in love with my newest project!!
Its a Magnetic Make-Up Box!!

Our bathroom cabinets are super small. With all my husbands stuff, my hair and nail kits and a few other things, my poor make-up box wouldn't fit. And I hate having it just sitting on the counter. So I made this... 

My old box with make-up just thrown around inside.

Then after super gluing a piece of metal to the inside that I got at Lowe's for about 7 bucks (find it in the hardware section and it comes in a big sheet, you need special scissors to cut it. Luckily my husband had a pair)
I painted it black. The metal made the paint separate a little, a second coat would of fixed this, but I like the way it looked. Oh if you want to do this do not use Magnetic sheets that you can get at Wal-Mart, they don't work...I tried!

Then I made a stencil and painted the out side of the box to match the colors in our bathroom.

Then hung them up and added make-up.

I just added a self-adhesive small round magnet to the back of each piece of make-up.
And I painted an old pill bottle to hold all my brushes and eye liner.

Super cute and it keeps all my make-up organized. And I can see all my make-up better so hopefully I'll use more or ones I don't usually use. YAY!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sentimental Home Decor

I love decorating my home with things that have a personal meaning to my husband and I. It's way more special when a guest asks "What's that a picture of?" or "Where did you get that?" and you can give them a meaningful story instead of just saying, oh I got that at some boring store in the clearance isle.

While hanging up family photos is a great way to decorate, sometimes its not very fun.

Here's a few fun examples of sentimental decor that I have in my home.

In the little glass jar are flatten pennies from the many little vacations we take.
We have some from San Fran & Sacramento, Ca - Forks, Wa - Newport, Or and others

It might be a little kiddish but its such a fun and very cheap souvenir

On the top shelve of our computer desk we decided to have pictures of all the celebrities we had meet.
We are huge fans of music in general and thought it would be fun to make like a litte music shrine.

Plus not everyone gets to meet Nikki Six!

And our newest addition to our home.
Our "Map Of Travels" haha

I took a cork board and mod podge a map to it. Super simple!!

Then we added some sewing pins to all the cities we have stay at down the west coast. (I know they are kinda hard to see, I'm thinking about getting new pins with bigger heads on them.) 
We love our little interactive sentimental art work!!! 
And can't wait to add more pins.....I'm thinking Montana!!