Sunday, April 1, 2012

Jungle Themed Baby Shower

Yay! My younger cousin had her baby shower this weekend and I got the pleasure to decorate and bring an activity to keep all the guest entertained. Every thing turned out amazing and everyone seemed to have tons of fun! Couldn't ask for more!

Here is a kinda over look of the room. I got 60 balloons to fill the room!!

Then I did 2 groups of 3 paper lanterns, hung that cute little monkey from them. And hung each group above...

The craft table.

And above the food table.
I know they are kinda hard to see but I got some real tropical leaves that were sadly turning yellow, so I painted them! Perfect place mats to go with the jungle theme!!

Corner where mommy & daddy to be will open a ton of gifts

Yummy animal crackers!!

The party favors

My mother brought these beautiful flower arrangements

The Diaper Cake

And The Punch.
So yummy!!!!

So for the craft I decided it would be fun to let all her friends design a cute onesie for her baby boy.
Here are the few examples onesie that I made.  

I got a bunch of puff paints and jungle animal stamps and let her friends go crazy

They all did an amazing job and came up with some really funny onesies

Mommy & Daddy opening all those gifts

Dang that's alot of balloon's!!! LoL

The End! Yay! So Fun!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Gifts

Oh how I heart V-Day!!
Here is the card I made my Husband this year.

"Partner hand over your heart! This is a stick up!"
Love cards that come with a little treat.
So cute! Love it!!

And a small gift I made him.

"Light of my life"
I totally saw this one on Pinterest and just had to make it. It was super easy and so much fun breaking in insides out!! Again, Love it!!


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fall Mason Jars

So I totally stole this idea from Shasta @ Shasta's Frippery (By the way Shasta, I totally know you are like the only one that looks at this thing but I like to pretend that everyone and their mothers know about it)

Anywho I haven't done a craft in awhile and needed something in the house to make it feel a little more fally so I made theses.

Some cute fall mason jar candle holders.

Before adding the leaves I decided to add a tint to the jars by adding food coloring to some mod podge and painting it on the jars. I wanted them to be orange but I had no red food coloring (dang hummingbird food) so yellow it was.

All lit up. So Cute!!

And my cute turkey that I filled with caramels. yum yum!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Melted Crayon Art

Over the weekend my cousin came over for a girls day. Baked some treats, did a craft, went shopping, ate some food and did tons of gossiping. So fun!! For our craft we decided to take a whack at this melted crayon art project. These are how mine turned out.

I am totally in love with the silver crayon. So pretty!!

My smaller, colorful one from left over colors.

Almost all tutorials on how to do this say to use a hair dryer. Thanks to my wonderful hubby who let us use his heat gun. Went wayyyy faster!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ruffled Throw Pillows

I recently bought all new bedding for my room. I love it but it was a little dark. So I found some fabric that matched the green in the room and made some fun, ruffly, throw pillows to brighten the area up.

Before the pillows.....
See how dark

And with them
YAY!! Much better!

So cute!!